Featured: October

Featured Short Fiction: October

What seems to be a little thing, can actually be even smaller than little in some’s eye. I cannot know, maybe even they don’t know. But to me, in mine own eyes, this little thing is my distinct daily. Rolling, laughing,┬ápunching, standing, walking, turning, speaking, carrying, pouring, smiling, scrubbing, finally stopping. Just so we can make an exchange


The Quirky Escapades of Que Everly, an Effervescent QGenda Engineer

These are the Quirky Escapades of Que Everly, the Effervescent QGenda Engineer. An unlikely young woman finds herself in a new city, with a new job when strange things start happening around her…

Sustainable-ize your closet!

On-going guides, how-tos, and inspiration on how to sustainable-ize your life!

Cooking Adventures #1

Do you know how many cookbooks I have? It’s a lot. And counting. I LOVE cookbooks – and not just because they contain some really great (and easy – most of them) recipes, but also because they are a documentary of sorts. Each one, when read from cover to cover, takes the reader on a journey of family and friends, courage and rage, joy … Read More Cooking Adventures #1