I’ve got a lot of hair and luckily, I’ve always had a lot of hair. It’s been long, short, curly (for like a day…), and pink. Through good hair styles and bad ones (trust me, they were bad) I’ve fine tuned my hair routine over the last 20 years. And yes – you’ve guessed it. I’m going to share those secrets in a completely boring list complete with a set of Nikki-faces and accompanying hair styles.

1 – Stop. Washing. It.

For real though. Stop. I absolutely understand how every woman has different hair some oily, some thin, and some curly. But I truly believe that women (perspective here please) wash their hair too much. In all honesty, tree of trust here, I truly wash my hair in the shower once or twice a month. Yeah – I said it. Once a month. Dry Shampoo every other or every two days depending on what I’m doing is all I need. Luckily, the dry shampoo craze is exploding on pinterest so you can easily find these in any grocery store or cvs whatever thing. Spray (or sprinkle if it’s powder), rub with your fingertips, brush and style. Ta-Da. 5 minutes, tops. Oh – plus, artificial color will last longer the less you wash it. Can confirm: My hair was Pink Pony Pinkie Pie Pink.

2 – Learn your braids, people.

And don’t get frustrated with it either. Braids take time to learn just like anything else. Practice it and watch some you tube videos. They are amazing in the Georgia summer for getting hair off your neck AND make perfect up-dos for fancy-ass weddings and stuff. Some of my favorites are: Dutch Boxer Braids, Fishtails, Infinity, and Three Strand. Having long hair means being able to do different things with it. There are tons of different styles out there that can fit your particular hair type, I promise. Take some time to learn them, and walk out with some amazingly fly hair.



3 – Use the Product that works for you

For that past few years, I have been walking the crowded aisles of never ending hair products looking through the bright colors, new and old brands, and endless catch phrases of mostly false advertising. Remaining optimistic that I would find a set of or even one product that could help my hair do what I wanted it to do, I probably have spent hundreds of dollars on hair products that I ended up throwing out after using once or twice. I’ve tried every brand there is (or at least it feels like it) with very little success. BUT – that one success is worth all the crap I’ve put in my hair over the years. For me, knowing what I want my hair to do (stay where I put it and stick to itself) was the first step to success and sadly, recognizing this and then trying products that actually do exactly that took me longer than I’d like to admit. (BTW – I use texturizers).

4 – Pick your Brush

There are at least ten different brushes that you can buy at target. Some come in packs, some are round and bristly but which one is right for you? Honestly, using a million different brushes has really only taught me that I can’t use every brush made. The round ones with intense bristles are for blow drying and since I don’t have the arm strength of an Amazon OR an hour to blow my hair dry, these are useless for me. Keeping my hair free of knots is super important so I tried the flat paddle brush for a while and I must say that it worked. However, it also made my hair frizzy, separating each strand from it’s friends and encouraging my more lion based looks. Finally, I settled on a wide tooth comb or a wide toothed pick. These combs get out my tangles without adding a lot of volume (something I definitely don’t need) and don’t pull out nearly as much hair as any other brush I’ve used.

5- Let the Mad Scientist in you out!

Hair like clothes, makeup, or anything else you use on the daily requires experimenting. Perhaps because I have a STEM degree, I incorporate experiments into my every day life (don’t even get me started on my plant experiments) and my hair is no different. I try different things all the time and for the most part they fail. Always learning from each failure has enabled me to tailor my hair care down to something that not only works extremely well for me, but also makes it easier to maintain the mop on my head with ease.

Lastly hair forlorn ladies and gents – be patient. Getting your hair exactly how you want it and to be skilled at making it so every time takes and lots of failures. Don’t give up and may the Nikki-Hair-Gods be with you.





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