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Here we are – with Donald Trump in the White House. The tiny, white house that has been symbol of the United States of America for years; congruent with words of Freedom and Liberty. Two words that have been at the heart of the American Dream through generations of immigrants that have come through and settled into our historical melting pot. But – enough idealism.

Every day is a new day with new lies and new bullshit for the press to wade through – and to their credit, they are doing their best. At least, most of them. Turn on the TV or Radio or wherever you get your news and you will hear the reporters stumble through interpreting his unintelligible spews of twisted words. More often than not, we dismiss his ramblings as inflated propaganda or tease through complicated legalese to find a semantically unsolvable puzzle that dominates headlines for weeks. We see the President being represented in mainstream media as a babbling child buffoon with a cheeseburger in one hand (oh wait, that was real) and national secrets being handed over to his dear friend Putin, in the other. Honestly though, let’s take a look at this bigger picture, his bigger strategy, and what this could mean for American Politics.

In writing this, I realized I had to reduce my scope because picking just one scandal limits this to about a day in terms of timeline. But sure, let’s go with the latest scandal in the past day which brings us to the Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal that has been dominating this week of our four year nightmare called the Trump Administration. Regardless of every news outlet – whether it is left, right, or center – all are falling into his trap. Trump is a lot of things that I won’t enumerate here but one this he is not, is stupid.

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The sheer political genius of this entire scandal is magnificent and 100% planned to shift the American Conversation to the Democrats ahead of ANY debate, regardless of what candidate the DNC will nominate. He has tore open a sore spot for Biden and the Democratic party more than one year before the election. These, dear readers, are seeds planted now to grow and sow discord among some of his toughest opponents starting with but surely not ending with, Joe Biden.

Not only that, but by Trump releasing the rough transcript of his call with Ukrainian President, he has gone on record presenting what he thinks has happened. Then, the entire WhistleBlower complaint is released and we all read that, picking every word down to it’s bare meaning and debating that meaning for hours. Shortly after this – Trump speaks at the UN acknowledging the complaint and going as far to say that this unnamed person is a spy. A spy. This is the most important part of it all and I want all Americans to think about hard about what the President of the United States has not only said but meant.

Spies collect information, right? First though, let’s put aside the semantics where a spy engages in espionage and how that is NOT at all the same as what a whistle-blower is or does. By calling this person a spy, Trump has given credit to everything in that complaint because spies collect facts and report it back to their superiors for analysis. I’d love to revel in this but my next point holds me back. It doesn’t matter. Not a single fact of wrong-doing, misdemeanors OR high crimes will impeach this president. I almost miss the days where we impeached a president because of a blow-job. Because this… this is MUCH worse.

In short, he admitted albeit indirectly, the whistleblower’s collection of accounts and the complaint that the President is abusing his power, is true. And it will not impeach him. He will not be removed from power because of this OR any other impeachable offense he has committed and/or will commit in the coming years. Senate Republications will not and truly cannot pull their support for this administration without severe political and territorial damage. They will not lift a finger to ensure the integrity of the United States Presidential Office survives.

Great – sounds about right. Now, what does this mean for the future of American Politics? On what standard can we judge a person, any American, fit to serve an immoral office and unchecked system? Who will it be next? And what will they do with that power? Who after that? and so on. This president and administration has changed the definition and job description of the United States President. We have moved passed long accepted norms and protocols into the murky land of supreme and unchallenged leaders. Donald Trump has fundamentally altered the future of our politics and our government. What is this teaching our children about government and politics? That our elected officials are criminals? That elected officials have legal immunity? That they are above the law, and therefore the rest of Americans? What are the history textbooks going to teach our children’s children about this turbulent time?

American Presidents can commit crimes, admit to committing said crimes without any fear of consequences, AND continue to be President with hordes of supporters. America no longer means what it once did and the trust we have built through years and years of measured diplomacy has been broken. That is what is at stake here; America’s place as a trusted resource and ally for the future; And folks, the future is looking hot, wet, and nuclear.

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