This is quite literally, his last chance to be president – and just like Nancy Pelosi, he has to make compromises for the party AND his personal glory. How many licks does it take to get to the Presidency? I guess enough to go through the entire stash of Werthers in his pockets. We should ask D.J. how many times he had to lick Putin’s boot to get where he is…

He got to lick boots??
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The point here, is that no one is fighting for you or Kamala or any other ‘underdog’ in this circus we call the political arena. Everyone is fighting for themselves and while they bemoan the others they need in order to win their fight, they begrudgingly take them along – because they have to. Not because Kamala represents the future of the party (whether or not that is true is another rant/post) and they want to achieve inclusion, but because they need our votes to stay in power.

I wish we could all be honest about what is happening here. Biden didn’t pick her. The DNC did, just like we, the people, didn’t really pick Joe Biden either. Rich people did.

Stop saying Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris for his Veep. Someone else chose her and they are offering her up to the masses like a carrot while they feed themselves cake we paid for.

Take this for what it is folks: a distraction. Biden didn’t pick her and we didn’t pick Biden. Yeah yeah – primaries and whatever. Please. The proof is here – It will always be a member of the 1% that sits in that house. Black, white, brown, yellow, or in this case, orange.

Werther’s anyone? It’s going to be a long election.


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