A Trice’s Print

A thought coming to life for me; insecurities begone. Because, what if each photograph, each print, represent the same moment in each time? Time could be linear, but it could also be wide, spanning multiple dimensions, as each print does.

Who is to stay it doesn’t? And with each photograph, there exists a potential of infinite prints to be written.

Read them all, one by one; glimpses into something we might never truly see.


A Selfie Saga

Because I love taking obnoxious amounts of selfies spanning from around 2012 to 2016. Four years in photographs, and to think that only 120-something photos made the cut…


Que Everly

The Quirky Escapades of Que Everly, an Effervescent QGenda Engineer started out as a weekly addition to a company wide email I was responsible for. After getting the attention of a select few followers, I started to expand and relocate it to a more permanent home. But alas, it tells the story of Que Everly, desperately trying to figure life out in a new city with a new job when everything just starts to get a little strange along the way…


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