December – Year Unknown

What seems to be a little thing, can actually be even smaller than little in some’s eye. I cannot know, maybe even they don’t know. But to me, in mine own eyes, this little thing is my distinct daily. Rolling, laughing, punching, standing, walking, turning, speaking, carrying, pouring, smiling, scrubbing, finally stopping. Just so we can make an exchange. Hardly one at that. But maybe the eggplant, lightly browned in green olives the consistency of viscous oil, can reminiscence with me; with me to you, allowing for the deep memories of wrinkled hands crusted with dried dough covering my own, to seep through. Or maybe I have forgotten the succinct punchy flavor of home. Whatever the reason may be, you are here, as I am, breathing the same yeast heavy air sprinkled with dancing grains of semolina. Your elegant smile is placed with executed decency but your tongue rolls faintly with forgotten sounds – now that’s hardly a woman’s name. I brush it off, not believing you for a second as this exchange is almost over. Filling with disappointment, I know you have  swallowed  my recollections solely for their taste and not their implications. I clear your lipstick stained glass and, rolling, laughing, punching, standing, walking, turning, speaking, carrying, pouring, smiling, scrubbing, finally stopping. Just so we can make an exchange…

“Shit” Emily dropped the notebook, she had grabbed her sister’s diary instead of her own. Innocent mix up right? But even Emily felt unnerved as she looked over her shoulder through the open doorway behind her. There was nothing there but that didn’t stop her from watching a few seconds longer, just to be sure…

Picking up her own tattered diary, she turned on her heel out of Amelia’s room. This was going to be different, for both of them. Since Amelia’s relapse, their parents had decided that the two would no longer be roommates. Emily wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Amelia has always been stranger than most but that was just Amelia. They sat on their beds, pushed together and cried together.

” Why – I don’t understand” Amelia spit out between sobs.

” I don’t know Mealie but it’s not fair.” Emily hugged her sister tightly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m sleeping here every night, don’t you worry about that.” They held each other for a few moments longer before they met the school bus at the corner.