Star WhiskeyThey knew that sound hurt our drums; that is why they wore them. Their waves of vibration came crashing down on me, paralyzing me. I forced myself up, my extremities trembling while I pushed them through my terror. Darkness surrounded me but at least I had that on my side.

My soft pads slid over bare granite, my pores filling with a scent of home, and I lurched forward. Jingling grew louder as I took turn after turn; up, down, ceiling, side, twist left, plunge deeper. But I knew they were still behind me. Still determined.

There is only so far I can go, only so deep I have tunneled, I know. If it were just a little deeper, I might have beaten them with the strong weight of rock over their body; so natural to me, so jarring to them. Time was something I did not have however, with metal on metal scraping within my own thoughts. Twist Right…No. Not this way.

Fear clogging my pads and pores, I couldn’t see the stone anymore. The sweetly cool, grey, grounded stone caught my body in a heap as the jiggling finally stopped with the wearer peering down into my soul.