Sustainable-ize your closet!

Want to hop on the Sustainable-Train? Not sure where to start?

Me either. But – here I will explore how I did it; one mistake at a time. For me finding new ways to save money, be creative, and minimize my very own carbon footprint sounded like a GREAT idea. Perhaps in the most simple and least impacting way but this is how everything begins, right?

As part of my own yearly habits unrelated to all of this, I take all of my hangers with my clothes and turn them the other way around on the pole in my closet. That way, when I wear something (and wash it) I put it back the correct way on the hanger and by the end of the year, I know exactly which clothes I have worn and which I have not. At the end of that year, those clothes that are still hanging the wrong way around get scrutinized!

Lately however, I’ve been keeping clothes longer and longer; throwing fewer out despite seemingly good reasons. When I sat down to come up with said ‘good reasons’, I uncovered only a few:

  1. They don’t fit my body
  2. They don’t fit my lifestyle
  3. I’m bored with them
  4. I don’t like them anymore

Too easy right? I’m sure you all have said one or all of these things at some point, staring at your closet. Honestly, these run through my head like a broken record player year after year and more so recently as my age continues to go up despite my efforts to become immortal. I took a hard look at my closet over the weekend and created a pile of clothes that I am determined to reuse in SOME way if I am no longer interested in wearing them for their intended purpose. But – under no circumstances will I be ridding myself of these pieces of cloth without first finding one other use for them.

But – what can I possibly make? Everything. Let’s dive in:

  • Shirts!
  • Skirts!
  • Underwear!
  • Work-out clothes!
  • Hair ties!
  • Tops!
  • Reusable grocery bags!
  • Reusable produce bags!
  • Kitchen Cloths!
  • Reusable Napkins!
  • Puppy Bandannas!
  • Aprons!
  • Blankets!
  • Pillows!

But don’t name any more because that’s the entire list I have. Now – on to my journey of going down this list and making – trying to make – each one.

Wish me luck!

Got any tips? Post them below!


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